Products and ingredients

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While evaluating any Ayurveda formulation, it is of utmost importance to look at the formulation as a whole. Single herbs have different results when used singularly and when combined with other herbs. The efficacy of the product depends on the synergy of the herbs used, a powerful synergy gives far more effective and long lasting benefits. Iraya product formulations are powerful, tried and tested and combine various potent herbs in precious Ayurveda recipes.


Our products are inherently stable and therefore most of the formulations do not require additives or preservatives. For products that contain moisture, we use traditional preservation systems, taking care to limit the use of preservatives to a bare minimum. The preservatives and ingredients we use are largely extracted from natural sources, making them safe carriers for the active natural ingredients used. At Iraya, the different product lines are designed to balance the mind and body with the soul. Potent herbs, powerful formulations, pure essential oils distilled at the source itself, cold-pressed oils, extracts from fresh organic fruits, herbs and vegetables, each product has been made with the utmost care. We offer timeless Ayurveda products that revitalise the mind and body and energise the soul.