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Workshop presentations plan “Ayurvedic beauty secrets”


Ayurvedic cosmetology course that we offer includes the following topics:

1. Ayurvedic principles.
2. Three types of female beauty.
3. Features correct and regular care of each type of skin.
4. Cosmetic problems and their solutions.
5. Beauty Ayurvedic massage.
6. Plants and spices for beauty.


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ayurvedic cosmetic

Our cosmetics workshops and cosmetic and ayurvedic massage learning courses will take you through a step by step ‘how to live with ayurveda’ process and include all sorts of vital information that comes from years of practice. By the end of our training courses you will have successfully choose an individual program for skin care, cosmetics and skin care products yourself and be well on the way to starting up your cosmetics business. Our class typically range from 1 to 15 people

So whether you want to join us in our ayurvedic skin care classes, are interested in making natural skincare products, want to study how to use ayurvedic cosmetics at home or simply to have fun with a ‘make your own cosmetics’ kit, – we’re here to help you.