Exclusive range of ayurvedic cosmetic is offered by us in a wide variety.

Every women love to look beautiful, stunning and youthful. Our natural skin care beauty products protect your skin from stress and aging, with natural oil, vitamins, minerals present in its ingredients ensures a  supple and flawless soft skin.

It is 100% herbal beauty care cosmetic product that is free from harmful chemical. Even the preservatives used in our cosmetics are of natural origin.

Ayurveda for Hair
These Ayurvedic Hair Oils are manufactured using best quality raw materials and are very popular among our clients. Our range of products offer a full spectrum of hair care products that focus on the science of healthy hair and address the needs of every hair type. these exclusive formulas retain vital moisture and promote inner strength and give brilliant lustre to hair. Herbal hair Tonic is made using natural ingredients such as amla, brahmi, bhangra, bhringraj this Hair Oil is effective in prevention of excess hair loss and gives relief in tension and head aches.

Ayurveda for Face
The ayurvedic cosmetic includes Ayurvedic Scrub which is a unique mix of herbal ingredients specially developed for scars, freckles, blackheads & blemishes. Ayurvedic Toning Gel and Ayurvedic cream is a powerful formulation with herbal ingredients. Ayurvedic Acne Pack is specially formulated for oily skin that is suffering from acne or prone to breakouts.Purifying neem face wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples, when combined with Turmeric, it effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria. We formulate our product from traditional Ayurvedic formulation, using extracts from various herbs and flowers.
Ayurveda for Body
Vedaya offers an exclusive range of complte body care solutions. Herbs end extracts blended with highly emollient natural oils, enriched with Essential Oils for maximum moisture retention and skin suppleness.
We follow high quality standards and not used in our products artificial preservatives, colors and fragrances .

The trend to natural and organic cosmetics is challenged by the lack of effective antimicrobials needed to ensure safe products and long shelf life. Herbal powder and herbal oil is the solution to this challenge.


Presentation our ayurveda cosmetic

ayurvedic cosmetic


Our cosmetics workshops and cosmetic and ayurvedic massage learning courses will take you through a step by step ‘how to live with ayurveda’ process and include all sorts of vital information that comes from years of practice. By the end of our training courses you will have successfully choose an individual program for skin care, cosmetics and skin care products yourself and be well on the way to starting up your cosmetics business. Our class typically range from 1 to 15 people
So whether you want to join us in our ayurvedic skin care classes, are interested in making natural skincare products, want to study how to use ayurvedic cosmetics at home or simply to have fun with a ‘make your own cosmetics’ kit, – we’re here to help you.