Ayurvedic cosmetics Vedaya production – the factory tour

We are pleased to tell you about this ayurvedic cosmetics and how it is made. Being one of the oldest medical tradition, Ayurveda was the progenitor and had a great influence on the development of Arab and European medicine. Production line of cosmetics company has more than 9 years at the beginning of its activity produced cosmetics for many well-known companies such as Badyanath, and in 2006 opened own  line of luxury cosmetics for SPA salons, massage and cosmetic surgeries. In the future, there are also means for daily home care.

Over time, with the growing popularity of their cosmetics they needed a new building for the plant. Company  built modern building, in a clean eco place.

Our production capacity Vedaya in India



Careful attention is paid to maintaining the highest standards of product quality and production issues of training, personal hygiene and sanitary safety. Before entering the building of the plant employees will take a shower, dress, disposable hat  for hair and  shoes and if required by the manufacturing process – uniform. Guest just provided uniforms, shoe covers, disposable medical mask on face and hat on hair.


At the entrance to the factory depending on the processes necessary to use or sterile gloves or take antiseptic liquid for hands.


All work surfaces are sterilized at process begin.


At each stage of the production process is carried out strict quality control and testing by our team of doctors and beauticians. At the heart of the production of cosmetics «Vedaya» laid thousands of years of tradition and technology at the same time taking into account current trends in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals releases new series of natural creams and lotions for home care.

Chief Technologist of the plant.



Party products are tested in our own laboratory, including mandatory testing for pH stability, microbial testing. And also give products in major laboratories for more complex HPLC-UV testing, gas chromatography, etc.

All production is carried out in accordance with international GMP standards and each line of production is controlled and monitored by qualified personnel.

Nagpur – is one of the most ecologically clean regions. The production Vedaya specially placed far outside the city, the plant has its own plantations where they grow herbs and plants for future creams, oils, etc – for ayurvedic cosmetics Vedaya. Cultivation of medicinal plants – this is another area in which the plant has made great efforts.

Ayurvedic cosmetics series Vedaya performed with preservation of ancient traditions of manufacturing, compositions taken from ancient treatises (sastras) and are based on ancient Ayurvedic laws, combined with modern production technology. For example, there are some processes of manufacturing oils, which must be used exclusively heating using wood in  special room.


In cosmetics used  as much as possible the natural preservatives – Sparing acid-based preservatives. Such compounds are often used in the manufacture of products bearing the “sensitive skin” or specialized products, such as children’s cosmetics, eye, etc. Their advantages include good solubility in water, stability at temperatures up to 80 ° C and no halogens.

Production of natural soaps and bath bombs. Used for soap natural coconut, sesame oil and palm oil.


Ingredients for cosmetics or independently produced or purchased on organic farms, with whom a contract and these products have been tested FDA. Each ingredient is tested in a front part of the manufacturing process. All herbs are thoroughly tested Ayurvedic Doctors in 5 main qualities (Panchendriya Parikshan) and then subsequent verification chemists QC Lab (laboratory of the plant).

At the factory installed system for continuously monitoring temperature and humidity.


After the release of each batch of cosmetics control samples arrive at the warehouse, which stores throughout the expiration date. Each box signed by the lot number and the recipient country. Warehouses and packaging process.


I hope you enjoyed our excursion is not a big factory!

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